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Kurs abgeschlossen Update your English Niveau B2

( ab Di., 8.3., 19.30 Uhr )

An active and humorous group, really dedicated to chatting and discussing up-to-date topics is waiting for you!

Kurs abgeschlossen Living English Niveau B2

( ab Di., 8.3., 10.15 Uhr )

A course in the morning for people of all ages who like to learn English together.

freie Plätze Englisch B2 Niveau B2.2

( ab Mi., 9.3., 17.45 Uhr )

Gemeinsam erweitern Sie Ihre Kenntnisse und Fähigkeiten.

auf Warteliste We Like Talking Niveau B2

( ab Mi., 9.3., 11.00 Uhr )

Do you sometimes wonder where your English has gone? Do you find yourself making the same old mistakes again and again? Come and join our morning conversation group in an easy-going atmosphere!

Kurs abgeschlossen English Conversation Trainer Niveau B2

( ab Mi., 9.3., 10.30 Uhr )

An enjoyable class with the focus on practising conversational skills, enlarging vocabulary and reviewing some grammar.
We discuss everyday topics and current events. Listening activities and interactive tasks are incorporated.

auf Warteliste Enjoying Conversation Niveau B2

( ab Mi., 9.3., 10.15 Uhr )

Material covering everyday topics, current issues and topics of interest will be provided, and participants are also invited to bring material of their own. The main focus of the course is to develop conversational skills. Come and have a chat with us!

Kurs abgeschlossen Let´s Talk Niveau B1/B2

( ab Do., 10.3., 8.45 Uhr )

Are you interested in small talk on up-to-date-topics and cultural events? Then come and join our group of lively, fun-loving people ranging in age from young to not so young.

auf Warteliste Time to Talk Niveau B2

( ab Do., 10.3., 10.05 Uhr )

A course in the morning for senior citizens who like to learn English together.

Kurs abgeschlossen Talk - Talk - Talk Niveau B1/B2

( ab Do., 10.3., 10.45 Uhr )

Your school English needs brushing up? Don't worry, we will activate your passive English vocabulary. Have fun with small talk, cartoons, short stories etc.
This relaxed conversation course is designed for people who are looking for an opportunity to put their English into practice by speaking as much as possible. Newspaper articles and up-to-date topics will stimulate our conversation und build up new vocabulary.

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Volkshochschule der Stadt Regensburg
Haidplatz 8
93047 Regensburg

Tel.: 0941 507-2433
Fax: 0941 507-4439 

E-Mail: service.vhs@regensburg.de


opening hours

Thon-Dittmer-Palais, Haidplatz 8:

Montag bis Mittwoch monday to wednesday
10 bis 12 Uhr und 13.30 bis 16 Uhr 

Donnerstag thursday
geschlossen - closed

Freitag friday
10 bis 12 Uhr

BiC BildungsCenter im KÖWE, Dr.-Gessler-Str. 47, 1. OG (Raum A):

Donnerstag thursday 
10 bis 13 Uhr und 14 bis 17.30 Uhr



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